Friday, October 19, 2012


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are you curious how we prepared SEA Night???

Hi everyone! We know its been almost 2 weeks after SEA Night 2012 and its kind of sad that we begin to miss the fun moments we experienced at SEA Night. But waittt!!! This coming Sunday is our Volunteer Appreciation Lunch at Le Taj, everyone is welcome to attend. This will be MASSA very last event for this academic year 2011/2012 and we do hope that we can celebrate the success of SEA Night with all of our members. *For further details, pls check out our FB event "SEA Night Volunteer Appreciation Lunch".

By the way, are you very interested to know how MASSA prepared wonderful SEA Night 2012? Check out the pictures below.

2-3 weeks before SEA Night:
Tabling sessions at various places on campus. Above was at Leacock.

Celine helping Jasmin with the girls' dance costume.

Our Co-President Siva, trimming the coconut tree to be displayed on the backstage.

MASSA Exec Dance Choreographers - Cher Tieng & Grace!!
Wait where's Grace???

2 days before SEA Night (Friday Night):
MASSA is very grateful to MICA for sponsoring us with goodie bags, T-shirts etc.
Execs here were busying packing the goodie bags!!

See! We were so happy packing the goodie bags!!

1 Day before SEA Night (Saturday Night):
Cher Tieng's baby - Kampong!!

Choir volunteers having pizza during their break.

Do you think Jasmin is scared of heights?

Grace adjusting the height of the coconut tree.

Zhiyu's wushu practice.

Hours Before SEA Night (Sunday Morning):
Guys doing their final dance practice.

Volunteer Zhijie with Ming Hwei & Arjoon testing the sound system.

Co-President Wayne overseeing the whole preparation.

Cher Tieng & Michelle preparing the table cloth for the food booths.

Experienced chief KP teaching the volunteers Amanda & PeiQi.
Fried Bee-Hoon!!!

Jian Xuan & Michelle ready to welcome guests!

We have spent quite a significant amount of our time to prepare SEA Night, but we know it's worth our effort to do it. We had fun and this unique experience will always be remembered by us. 

After SEA Night while we packed to leave...
Look at the back!! lol!

Everyone helping each other to dismantle deco.

Organizing cables and looking around to see anyone needs help. 

Great performance by the choir team! 

Arjoon with volunteer Michael!

MASSA really appreciates the volunteers who stayed behind and helped the execs to pack and clean up the place. This event truly reflects the close bonding MASSA members have with the execs and the club!! 
Don't forget to RSVP this coming Sunday's Volunteers Appreciation Lunch! See you guys there!

Lovely MASSA Execs

PS: Here's a link to a short footage for you eager blog followers of MASSA on one of our exec dance practises!!! Enjoy and thanks for your love and support! =D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Southeast Asian Night is a night of cultural celebration! It was a memorable night definitely remembered by all who participated and involved to make this event happened! Held at SSMU Ballroom at McGill University, SEA Night 2012 opened its door to all ages who interested to experience the Southeast Asian culture in Montreal.

This year, we have invited talented volunteers and performers to spice up the atmosphere with exciting and eye-opening performances. SEA Night 2012 started off with a violin performance by David Lin.

Madrigal refers to a simple life in China

Followed by Chinese song performed by Serenesia and Chinese ribbon dance performance by MASSA members. The dance named "The Only Flower in the World" is traditionally performed for the royalty. It is a masterful balance dance between gentleness and strength. 
Shan Hu Hai (珊瑚海) sang by Charles & Alainne 
彩带舞蹈 - The only Flower in the World
Next was the traditional chinese Guzheng "将军令" performed by our fellow MASSA exec Grace Wang! This song depict the scenes of battles fought in ancient times and the feeling of glory and pride felt when the battles were won.

Jiang Jun Ling "将军令"
We invited other Southeast Asian clubs and associations to make SEA Night 2012 even more exciting and fun! First was MIPSA, a McGill-affiliated "Desi" dance team to perform "Best of Bollywood". The dancers work together to create kaleidoscope pieces showcasing South Asian styles.

We are very happy to invite MUFASA and PERMIKA to perform in SEA Night again this year. Firstly was a singing performance by MUFASA. "Dadalhin" means "I will bring", is a popular ballad in the Philippines. PERMIKA, an association of Indonesian community in Montreal, has 2 performances - Indonesian's Ethnic Fusion & Subakastawa.

Dadalhin sang by Katherine Fermo
Traditional song medley
Subakastawa - traditional instrument, Gamelan
Not to forget our lovely MASSA exec dance "Nusantara". It is a dance that portrays the essence of Malaysian and Indonesian culture in an acoustically rich ensemble of traditional Malay percussion instruments such as Kompang (Malaysian) and Gamelan (Indonesian). 

Nusantara performed by MASSA Execs

The performances ended off with Wushu (Kungfu) and choir performances. The choir performed medley of Malay favourites - Kantoi, Balik Kampung and Rasa Sayang - that reflect Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cultures. 

Balik Kampung
Kungfu performance by Zhiyu and Ryan
Of course, without authentic Southeast Asian cuisines, there wouldn't be SEA Night. This year, everyone was treated with a wide range of dishes and snacks from Indonesia, Brunei, Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. These include Apam Balik, Satay, Tahu Goreng, Centik Manis, Nasi Lemak, Pink Lady & Burmese Noodle Salad.

Thai Food Stall
Philippines Food Stall
Indonesian Food Stalls
SEA Night 2012 would not be able to succeed without the many volunteers who spent their time and effort to perform and run the event. And also the generous support from Malaysian Student Department (MSD) Canada, Singapore Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, Permika Montreal and student clubs like MUFASA, Serenasia Music Club, MIPSA and many more. Lastly, we would like to thank MASSA Exec team for their hard work in making SEA Night such a successful night!

MASSA Exec Team

MASSA is not only confined to Southeast Asia, as we aim to be a global citizen and assist those in need. This year, we will be donating a significant amount we earned from SEA Night to charity organization based in Montreal.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in this year SEA Night. We are looking forward to seeing you in future MASSA events and next year's SEA Night!


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello everyone!

MASSA's largest annual event "Southeast Asian Night 2012" is just a week from now!! Are you getting excited about it?? Yes, of course! Everyone is looking forward to this amazing and exciting event!

The details for SEA Night 2012 are as follow:
When: March 18th 2012
Where: SSMU Ballroom, Shatner Building
Time: Doors open at 5pm
Tickets: $7 
For more information, visit our Facebook event page "Southeast Asian Night 2012" or contact us at

Delicious and authentic Southeast Asian food awaits you at SEA Night with booths representing Malysia, Singapore, Myanmar, the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia and many more!! Expect exciting array of cultural performances which include Gu zheng, Kung fu, Indian dance and others!

For LESS than 15 dollars, you get to:
  • Feast on ubber delicious South East Asian CUISINE
  • Enjoy more than 10 cultural PERFORMANCES
  • Get fantastic DOOR GIFTS
  • Get a chance to win amazing RAFFLE PRIZES
  • Soak up that CULTURAL ATMOSPHERE that you cant find anywhere else!

So spread the hype! Let all your friends know about our event and we will try our best to live up to your expectations! So what are you waiting for? Contact or come down this Sunday to get your tickets! 


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Kopitiam - 18th February

Two weeks after MASSA's big Chinese New Year Homestyle event, MASSA members were once again invited to join yet another makan-session: KOPITIAM,  a laid-back breakfast session - the Malaysian-Singaporean style. 

And what's on the menu, you might ask? Anyone want to make a guess? 
YES! You've guessed it right!!!!

THERE's KAYA TOAST -our all time favourites or also known as ROTI KAHWIN back home,

porridge with century eggs and you cha kueh, 

EEEEmmmmmmm doesn't it look DELICIOUS!!?

Soya bean milk and of course some delicious half boiled eggs!!! 

The event started at around 11 a.m, with MASSA execs busily scurrying around to get everything laid out and in place before the first member arrived. Slowly but surely, more people joined us and everyone started to have a good time, sitting in big groups and chatting away.

What's so funny? Ming Hwei (VP Events) and Youha? =)
Keep that KOKO KRUNCH safe SASI!!!!
Jasmin (our MASSA 'sensei')  and Amy (VP Comm) showing us just how delicious the kaya taste! 
Co-President, Wayne Yang

And in case you are wondering where did we get the kaya from? Well, its made by none other than our dedicated execs, Wayne, Jasmin and Arjoon staying up late into the night cooking up this delicious concoction. If you would like to try making some of your own, don't hesitate to ask these experts for some advise!

Co-president, Siva Shanmugam